2020 Business Law is a legal consultancy providing business law support for SMEs. We are based in Amesbury but thanks to embracing technology we are able to cover the whole of England and Wales.



Prior to working with HDS we were very much lost at sea trying to think about the website we wanted, how we wanted it to reflect us and the services we offered and what functionality it needed. We already had a website but were rebranding and needed a fresh, new image.



Tracy is amazing, she pinned down exactly what we needed and wanted (some of which we didn’t realise until actually speaking to Tracy) and made everything easy. Her wealth of experience and knowledge meant that we have a fantastic website which really showcases what we do and which is accessible for clients.  HDS genuinely went the extra mile to turn things around for us and the result is epic!



HDS have saved us an unmeasurable amount of time and stress and aside from their reasonable rates, because of the saved time we were able to focus on running our business thus saving even more money. We genuinely see Tracy and HDS as an extension of our team and could not recommend their services highly enough.

A Note From Louise

HDS are an extension of our team and we genuinely couldn’t imagine running our business without them.

Louise Hall

Louise Hall
Former Director of 2020 Business Law

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