About HDS

About HDS

Founded by Tracy Hampton, HDS was initially set up to provide small businesses with an expert in IT and Web Services, which didn’t require a full time member of staff.

Tracy enjoys the whole process behind understanding how a business ticks, loves the challenges different industries have given her, and getting to know a product or service inside out.  Her structured approach and organisational skills have been a real asset in all her roles and she has great working relationships with all her clients.

Having dropped the IT projects in 2020 due to the increased demand for Web services, HDS has expanded and now focuses on web design, offering a variety of services including digital marketing.  There will always be a technical element within the business as you can’t take ‘IT’ out of the girl!

Please see Tracy’s LinkedIn profile connect and learn more.  Frequent tips and tricks are posted, so be sure to follow our Company pages too.

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