Learn more about our sustainability partners

At HDS, we feel very strongly about sustainability and playing our part in the fight against climate change. We’re proud to partner with 20i and Mossy Earth – let us explain how they help our business AND YOURS to protect our planet.

Green Hosting

20i green hostingWe all make greener choices on a day-to-day basis by considering where we can reduce our use of single use plastics, reuse or recycle items we already have (rather than buy new) and generally reduce use of natural resources.

When it comes to thinking about your on-line presence, such as your website, it’s about making proactive choices to work with fellow environmentally conscious businesses so that you are able to minimise the carbon footprint of your business and avoid contributing to climate change.

And that is why HDS host with 20i who are 100% powered by renewable energy, via wind and solar.  We are beyond excited to know that each time we create a new website we are doing our bit towards climate change.

If you’re looking to move your website hosting to a partner that is genuinely passionate about minimising environmental impact, then get in touch today.

Mossy Earth

Mossy EarthYour business with us is helping to restore biodiversity and fight climate change.

Each month, in partnership with Mossy Earth, we plant native trees to rebuild wild forests and capture carbon, and fund rewilding projects to restore fragile ecosystems and species.

In the words of Sir David Attenborough, to build nature’s resilience “We must rewild the world”. This is why we are supporting impactful rewilding and reforestation initiatives through our Climate Action Membership. From restoring kelp forests and reforesting the Scottish Highlands, to protecting Atlantic salmon and monitoring reintroduced European bison, we’re proud to be supporting the movement to rewild our planet.

To find out more about rewilding, visit Mossy Earth or watch their video below:

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