Would you like to wake up to an inbox full of enquiries?

Given the way technology is enhancing all our communication it is especially crucial for businesses, big and small to have an online presence.

Here’s a typical scenario:

  • You started your business and successfully created your own website.
  • Job done, tick in the box!

Sorry to say, that’s not the end of the list.  Just because you have a website doesn’t mean the enquiries will immediately start flooding in.  It takes a lot of work but there are some things you could be doing which will help.


How can you go about improving your rankings?

Firstly, let’s quickly talk about SEO.  You have no doubt heard this term a lot, but what does it actually mean??  Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps you rank in search engines, like Google. If this is done right, you will be found by your target audience quickly and easily.

Because SEO rankings matter for websites, ensuring that you rank high is vital for your success.  Not only will it help you advertise your brand, but it will also allow you to make more profit.

Secondly, you need to be attracting the right traffic to your website, so before you even begin looking at your SEO, you need to understand the following:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What are the keywords your target market often uses to find sites like yours?
  • What kinds of images will connect them with your industry?
  • Is your website user friendly with easy contact points on all pages?

Once you know the answers to the above, then you can not only ensure that the wording on your website is using these correct keywords, but that the images are correct for your industry, and that they have the correct keywords associated with them too.  Ie, name of the file is descriptive, and not img496.jpg. 

There are a number of Google tools that you need to setup to work with your SEO, one of which involves you submitting your sitemap to Google.  The sitemap is your website structure which helps Google know you exist, but also for what!  If you don’t tell Google you are there, it won’t know.  Don’t panic about what all this means, there is a link at the end of this to my SEO top 10 tips download which explains all this.

Organic Searches

An organic search is the search results that are not paid ads.   If you get your SEO correct, your chances to increase organic searches for your website will be higher.  This is because users prefer to click on organic searches more than paid ads.  I know, I always scroll down past the “Ads” before I start clicking on my search results!  If your organic results get clicked on whenever someone searches for services like yours, this will increase your ranking in the SEO hierarchy.

Google is always managing its algorithms. And with a good SEO website design under your belt, you will most likely be placed at the top without fail. After all, Google always makes sure that the best sites (as in what the person is searching for) are always on the first page.


So how can you wake up to more enquiries?

As you continue to work on your SEO, your chances for a higher customer conversion are also increased.  With a user-friendly experience on your website, customers are more likely to stay and explore your services. Very importantly you need to incorporate elements like calls to action (CTAs), on your website.  The CTAs could be links to contact you, links to various services, to signup for a newsletter or download an ebook, etc.

All pages on your website should have these elements and when used correctly, you can move online visitors around your site easily, turning them into potential customers.



Having a website for the sake of your business being online is not enough. To achieve further success for your website, you must have a good strategy, which leads back to those first questions I raised – who your target market is, what they’re looking for, etc.  And more importantly, if the keywords they are using to search for your services have changed, you need to ensure they’ve changed within your website too.


As mentioned above, you can click this link to download my Top 10 SEO tips for FREE.

If you have any questions regarding the above, then please don’t hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email.

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