MinervaX is a Danish company located in Copenhagen and we are pursuing the development of a maternal vaccine for the prevention of adverse pregnancy outcomes and life-threating infections caused by Group B streptococcus (GBS).



Our former website was from around 2012 and was visually outdated since we did not keep the visual part up to date. We needed a more up-to-date look following a fundraising in order to attract new employees, business partners etc.



HDS provided a questionnaire which required us to give a new design some thought, what we like and what we did not like. Based on the input, HDS came up with a suggestion on how it should look. After the initial design was presented we had a good iterative process between us and HDS and were challenged in case our thoughts on the design would compromise our end-goal. The process was smooth and the turn-around time from idea to end product was fast, but focused.



By preparing our new website we have a whole new visual identity and the presentation of the company, project and team on the new website is much better and up-to-date. Whether you are a potential business partner or employee it is easy to navigate to the information you seek.


A Note From Bo

By choosing HDS you get someone who asks the right questions when it comes to designing your website – and who is fast and professional in the execution.

Sarah Challenor

Bo Danner Henriksen

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