An Introduction to Zoom

WOW, last week has passed in a blur and yet everything I have been doing has completely changed!  Given I’m in IT, you’d think I’d be very used to online meetings, but actually prior to last week, I had only ever used Zoom once! (and that was as an attendee simply clicking on a link to join).  I much prefer to meet people face to face, and that will always be my preference, but needs must and as last week showed, the entire business world as I know it changed.  Within 24 hours, I’d had 4 zoom meetings, and will now be holding my networking group meetings online for the foreseeable future.


I have to say I am so inspired by all my networking buddies posts about how, literally overnight, they have changed their business to suit the current climate.  Everyone is so supportive of each other, and offering help, it’s wonderful to see.  People often ask if I get lonely working from home, the truth of it was I was hardly ever home!  OK, not entirely true, but I am out with customers or networking in between my paid jobs a LOT.  However, thanks to Zoom, I am probably seeing people just as much, if not more!  Now I’m not driving in between meetings, I can fit more of you in ?


I did my first 1-2-1 via Zoom this morning and it was fab.  But I have learned that this is a completely new territory for many people who aren’t so used to IT.  Therefore, I have created a user guide on how to use Zoom, which I hope will help anyone needing it. (You’ll find a link to this below).  Don’t be scared of being on video, you soon ignore the fact you are on screen, and so just think of it as no different to them seeing you in person.  When there are lots of you on a call, you are only about 4 inches big anyway!


Anyway, embrace it, and have fun with it.  Doesn’t only need to be for business, chat to your friends and family.  I’m thinking about Zoom Coffees…Zoomfees??  OK, perhaps that name won’t take off, but why not arrange a 3pm call and chat with someone while you have a coffee break.


Keep in touch and keep smiling!

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