Is your website configured for SEO?

You may know the answer to this already, or perhaps our website audit has identified issues, but maybe it needs setting up or configuring properly.

Whatever it is, you’ve come to the right place!

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO helps you rank in search engines like Google. With the use of plug-ins you can add keywords and meta descriptions to your site. If it is done right, you will be found by your target audience quickly and easily.

SEO isn’t just about keywords and meta descriptions though, Image SEO is a whole other area in itself, which is why I wrote a blog specifically about that.

Some initial questions you will need to know (or, of course HDS can assist if you don’t) is:

    1. Who is your ideal client? Once you know this, then we can ensure your keywords and content is speaking to the right audience.
    2. What are the keywords your target audience often use to find sites like yours? If you know this, these can easily be added into your SEO settings.
    3. What are you competitors up too? If they are ranking well, and have a brand known by many, then look at what they’re doing. It could be Social Media Management you need, or it could be that you are not using the same keywords that are working for them.

You can work with HDS to understand how to do your own SEO, or for those who would prefer to outsource this area, then below is where we can help.

We’re here to help you get found!



Our Audit service will identify missing SEO settings, and provide you with a detailed report on areas that need improving.  Available as a stand alone service, or part of a fix.


Your site will be configured for SEO, including connecting your Google analytics account.  If you haven’t created your Google accounts, we can help there too.


Keywords & Meta Descriptions

Keywords will be added to every page, as well as a meta description taken from wording in your page content, tying it all together.


HDS will ensure your images are configured for SEO.  Read our Image SEO blog for more details around what this involves.

HDS Web Services In A Nutshell

WordPress* Web Design
Whether you want a simple landing page, or a bespoke website, we have the design and development experience to make it happen.

Monthly WordPress* Maintenance Plans
Never worry about your WordPress site again. Our monthly service plans take care of the essential site maintenance tasks.

WordPress* Content
Need a new page or blog post adding? That’s no problem: that’s another feature included in our monthly plans.

WordPress* Technical Support
Support for you and your WordPress site, providing help with any technical issues or challenges that you may face.

Hosting & Domain Management
Safe and secure hosting for your website and email – and unlike the many automated service options, we’re here at the end of a telephone line.

Website Audit & SEO Services
Reports to give you valuable insights to how your website is performing.

Want to talk about your seo?

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