The topic of sustainable web design is increasingly popping up in conversations I’m having with business owners – hence I’m writing this blog! You ask, I’ll answer.

Let’s start by saying that anything with the word ‘sustainable’ included is all about longevity – ensuring that materials and resources continue to be available in decades to come. It’s more often than not tied to the causes of the environment, protecting the planet and minimising our impact as humans on the world’s natural resources.

It takes a lot of energy to power the internet. Would you hazard a guess as to how much power?! Let me tell you…


It costs over 400 terawatt-hours per year to power the internet!


The internet generates 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To put that into perspective, it’s on par with the emissions produced by the global airline industry. (Thanks to 20i for those stats).

When you’re faced with statistics like that, it’s not surprising that business owners are starting to consider ‘greener’ options when it comes to powering their website.


How do you make a ‘greener’ website?

As an individual, we make greener choices on a day-to-day basis by considering where we can reduce our use of single use plastics, reuse or recycle items we already have (rather than buy new) and generally reduce use of natural resources.

Don’t panic, I’m not going to suggest that you recycle a website from 1995! (Gosh, could you imagine!)

When it comes to thinking about your on-line presence, such as your website, it’s about making proactive choices to work with fellow environmentally conscious businesses so that you are able to minimise the carbon footprint of your business and avoid contributing to climate change.


Who can I work with to have a sustainable web design?

You really don’t have to look far… I’m right here! That’s right – by choosing to work with Hampton Digital Services you’ll be making a greener choice for your online presence.

Let me share just a couple of reasons why…

Firstly – your website will be hosted on a platform which uses 100% renewable power. That’s right, a green hosting platform which uses clever autoscaling technology so that fewer resources and power is used when your website isn’t as busy, for example.

Secondly – we partner with an organisation called Mossy Earth, a team focused on restoring nature and fighting climate change. Each month, in partnership with Mossy Earth, we plant native trees to rebuild wild forests and capture carbon, and funding rewilding projects to restore fragile ecosystems and species (we’ll be telling you a bit more about this partnership in our upcoming blogs).

The beauty of these reasons is that there’s no effort required from you. These benefits come as part of working with HDS as standard, because we too are conscious about our impact on the planet and protecting it for future generations. 

Are you looking to host your website on a green platform?

If you’re looking to move your website hosting to a partner that is genuinely passionate about minimising environmental impact, then get in touch today.

For any additonal help please do check out our other blogs, or book a discovery call so we can chat further. 



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