Why WordPress Indeed!

Whenever I’m asked to start work on a new project, whilst my introduction, or 60 second pitch if they’ve met me at a networking event, clearly states I use WordPress, I’ve never actually been asked why I chose to build websites using WordPress.


I guess a good place to start, is what exactly is WordPress?

Well, “it’s a free open-source tool and content management system (CMS) that enables the creation of websites, a WordPress blog, and more”.

WordPress is a tool designed for anyone and everyone to use; emphasising performance, security, and ease of use.  It is also popular due to the variety of plugins available to extend its functionality, not to mention it is very user friendly.

So why do I use it?  This is why…..


WordPress is Cost Effective

You not only don’t need to be a developer and understand coding to be able to use this system, but it’s the same tool that my potential customers have access to. The only difference is I know so much more about how to make it do what I want, and deliver results based on the clients picture in their head (sometimes, it’s been said that I have created something “better than imagined”).

What I also love is the fact that I can use themes that have already been written for WordPress.  If you missed my earlier blog where I talk about themes, templates and custom or bespoke websites then please click on the link to have a read of that.

Whilst there are now many different services that allow non-technical people to build their own website, there is still the need for people like me to design, build and maintain sites.  I think that’s because websites are out of a lot of people’s comfort zones; that fear of breaking it, or simply not having the time or energy to work out how to use it.  In cases like these, it does pay to have someone professional around to offer advice or just get things done.


WordPress is Easy to Manage

Once your WordPress site is all set up, it is relatively simple to change the content or add a blog.  I do have some clients who get me to do this for them, but equally, more and more are starting to do this themselves.  I install a plug-in which enables them to quickly duplicate a post, enabling them to simply replace text, change the image, modify a few keywords and hit publish.  If it’s set up correctly and you know how to do it confidently, it really is that simple.  But at the end of the day, I am still at the end of the line if anything goes wrong.

Websites aren’t something you can build and tick off as “job done”  You need to keep it updated and it needs to remain current.  I have mentioned this many times before, but Google doesn’t like static websites, and neither will your potential clients.  So don’t be afraid to get involved in your website.  I always take backups, so what could go wrong??

[Disclaimer…I would always teach you first how to use it, as yes things can go wrong]

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